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Obama Admin Plans To ‘Force’ Americans To Move Into Cities – “Redistributing” the Wealth The following is commentary from the video’s YouTube page Manhattanize America! Wildlands Project=Where You Can’t Live in America After Agenda 21 NWO Takeover AGENDA 21

Heritage Area Designations | Another Land Grab U.N. Agenda 21 Program

PROGRAMS THAT PROMOTE LAND GRABS    Heritage Area Designations – Another U.N. Agenda 21 Land Grab   If this is allowed to continue, you will witness the elimination of human presence on much of our American landscape!   World Heritage Area Sites – are under United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), a convention concerning the protection of […]

Say NO to an Article V Amendment Convention

Can YOU handle the truth contained in this article?  Read the information below, then do a search for yourself.    Mark Levin, talk show host of the Mark Levin Show sponsored by Americans For Prosperity, has just come out with a new book, The Liberty Amendments.  Mark’s book promotes an Article V Amendment Convention (Con-Con).    No thanks, […]

City Officials Need To Be Wary Of Foundation Bearing Gifts

Article Written By Iris Stevens   A recent column — “Rockefeller immigrant study flawed” (Bob Hester, June 29) — exposed the fallacies of a Rockefeller Foundation study that claimed that immigration (and by implication, even illegal immigration) led to great economic benefits for our state. An interview with the president and chief executive officer of the […]

Lonoke County Unanimously Passes White River National Blueway Resolution of Opposition

Lonoke county unanimously passed the White River Watershed National Blueway Resolution of Opposition tonight! This brings us one step closer to defeating the Blueway, but there is still much to be done. If you would like to volunteer to present the Resolution in your county click here.

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