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Second Amendment, Pro-Gun Rally Friday, February 8, 2013 – Little Rock State Capitol

Many pro-gun groups, along with Secure Arkansas, want you to turn out and support our Second Amendment rights. The rally will be held on the East side of the Little Rock State Capitol Building. There is both pay and free parking around the Capitol. You should arrive between 10 and 11 a.m. Every state will […]

HB 1012 Needs To Be Pulled

HB 1012 needs be pulled from committee and tabled. There is a lot of double talk in the bill.   The sponsor is the only one who can table the bill. Please call the sponsor and request the bill be tabled.   Sponsor of this bill is Rep. John Payton, Wilburn, Arkansas, Email: Telephone 501-362-3287 Business […]

HB1012 Allows Arkansas Sheriff’s Authority to be Usurped

Everyone needs to get down to  the Capitol, Room 149,  at 10:00 am TOMORROW, Tuesday, February 5th.    The House Judiciary Committee is meeting and HB 1012 is on the Agenda.     ARKANSAS HB 1012 – AN ACT TO PROVIDE FOR JURISDICTIONAL COOPERATION REGARDING ARRESTS, SEARCHES, AND SEIZURES BY FEDERAL EMPLOYEES; AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES.   HB […]


Article By: Ken Borgenheimer – Mountain View, AR It seems that these people have more influence on America than any other – influence in a most negative way. Let’s start with politicians and lawyers – the people who make laws for the rest of the nation – who love power and control above all else. Right […]

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