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Politicians & Corporations – It’s All About Money

The fluoride mandate is a fitting example of governmental power and corporate control working hand-in-hand to deal with the general public and dump toxic poison on us. We cannot afford to forget that government is a FOR-PROFIT operation. (After all, the government has invested in many top corporations.) It is government that forces the poisonous […]

Warning: Lead is Poisonous + Drinking Water Test Kits

The first thing you should know is that the fluoride being put into our public drinking water is not a pharmaceutical grade additive. It is not pure sodium fluoride. It is hydrofluosilicic acid and contains other contaminants that are not measured.  It is an industrial toxic waste byproduct that otherwise would have to be disposed […]

Harrison, Arkansas – Another City Poisoned by LEAD!

By now, you’ve probably heard about Flint, Michigan and the dangerous lead levels in their public water supply.  Several states and cities around the country have been affected, and the newest city which has discovered elevated lead levels in their water is Harrison, Arkansas! This is only the beginning, America. Common sense will tell you […]

Lack of Corrosion Controls Raises Concerns About Lead in Water

Becky Gillette, a reporter at the Eureka Springs Independent, has written another informative article about lead in water — this time addressing the lack of corrosion controls.  You may read it online here or in its entirety below. ________________________________ Lack of corrosion controls raises concerns about lead in water by Becky Gillette Wednesday, February 10, […]

Press Conference on Referendum to Repeal Jonesboro Property Code Results Held 2/12/2016

We are passing along an email we received regarding the successful gathering of more than twice the number of signatures required for the referendum petition to be placed on the May 3, 2016 ballot to Repeal the Jonesboro Property Code. This is great news!   ____________________________ 5,034 Signatures Were Turned in Friday, February 12, 2016 […]

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