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The Lead Poisoning Crisis: Now In 11 States and Across America

There is no safe level of lead exposure for a child – especially when it comes to ingestion of lead in food and water. LEAD poisoning is truly a national crisis!  States affected (and we believe that unfortunately this list will continue to grow) are: Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania (multiple cities), California, Alaska, […]

Anonymous Letters Sent to Jonesboro Businesses

Jonesboro is all tied up in knots!  REPEAL THE JONESBORO PROPERTY MAINTENANCE CODE!  Please hurry and turn in the signed petitions on Wednesday, but please keep gathering signatures until NOON on Friday, February 12, 2016. For more info: Contact Iris Stevens: 870-935-8320  [email protected] Contact Debbie Pelley: 870-935-9438  [email protected] YOU CAN STILL TAKE ACTION, Jonesboro voters! […]

URGENT: Help Needed in Jonesboro re. Property Code Referendum

This is an urgent reminder! Immediate Action Required: This is an urgent appeal from Secure Arkansas on behalf of the group Repeal Property Code 105-2. We are asking for you to contact this group to help gather the signatures needed to repeal the restrictive property code in Jonesboro, Arkansas! Unless 2,432 signatures are collected before […]

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