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Follow the Money! Lobbyists & Players of Harmful Fluoridation Propaganda 2017 – Part 1

Follow the Money! And more about non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and corporations! “Read all about it”… more pro-business players of harmful fluoridation propaganda to manipulate and control the public! The EPA’s own scientist, Dr. Robert J. Carton, PhD, says: “Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not ALL time!” This is […]

The End of Water Fluoridation… or Continued Brain Damage?

A shocking, newly-published study, confirming what we have known all along, was just released: 12 year, multi-million dollar study from Mexico shows conclusively that fluoride does affect the brain and a definitely is a neurotoxin. The study was published in Environmental Health Perspectives (a monthly peer-reviewed journal of research and news published with support from […]

Update on Ark. Senator Jake Files and Friends

UPDATE!  Here’s a special note about what’s going on at the Arkansas Capitol! Just a few days ago, Senator Jake Files from Fort Smith met with Senate Majority Leader Senator Jim Hendren from Gravette and said he would not resign unless he is indicted by the Grand Jury. How much more evidence has to come […]

Questionable Ark. Legislators & GIF Money Fraud / Money Laundering

Secure Arkansas calls on Arkansas Senator Jake Files (R), a real estate developer and contractor from Fort Smith, to resign his senatorial office in Arkansas Senate District 8 effective immediately! This article from May 2017 reveals information about an $80,000 wire transfer to Senator Jake Files’ company that certainly looks very suspicious and unethical. Then, […]