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ACTION ALERT : AT&T and DirecTV Censor News…

Action Alert! There’s a violent platform underway to dismantle conservative America. Please consider cancelling all your AT&T services including DirecTV TODAY, due to their WOKE agenda At midnight on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, AT&T’s DirecTV cut Newsmax’s signal, immediately shutting the network of from more than 13 million customers of the satellite service, DirecTV Stream, and U-Verse. […]

Net Neutrality: The FCC “Assumes” Control

On December 21st, 2010, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) acted without congressional approval to regulate the Internet under its own Net Neutrality Rules. According to the FCC, they are acting to preserve the Internet as an open network enabling consumer choice, freedom of expression, user control, competition, and the freedom to innovate.