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Lobbyists, Legislators, and 501c3 Corporations on the Take and Can’t be Trusted!

The following are the politicians, lobbyists, and public officials involved in the governmental corruption in Arkansas so far: Former Representative Micah Neal (R) – pled guilty to taking kickbacks for directing the award of the GIF grants Former Senator Jon Woods (R) – convicted on 15 of 17 charges involving the GIF grants Senator Jake […]

Extortion in Arkansas – Tax Increase Part 8 & Info on GIF Funds

Secure Arkansas continues this very sad saga on the toxic Class 1 NABORS Landfill fiasco and the trash tax/”service fee” that has been illegally forced onto the blindsided taxpayers’ real estate taxes this year (2018) in a six-county area in Northern Arkansas which has resulted in “causative debt” in Baxter, Boone, Carroll, Marion, Newton, and […]