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Another Water Operator Speaks Out Against State Mandate

Please read the letter at this link and think about it. Why would water operators want to provide anything other than the purest water possible to their users? Why is our government intent on forcing fluoride on the people? As the writer of this letter implies, it does not matter if you are Democrat, Republican, Independent, or […]

When is toxic waste good enough to drink?

When they call it FLUORIDATION ! The fluoride used for water fluoridation is NOT natural! It is a toxic waste byproduct of the phosphate fertilizer industry. In a 2003-2004 report, the Florida Institute of Phosphate Research, affiliated with the University of Florida, which is an independent state research agency for science and engineering for Florida’s environment and economy, gives a history […]

Carroll Boone Water District Operator Takes Up Fluoride Mandate Fight

Just in case you haven’t seen this article from The Eureka Springs Lovely Citizen, this is a must read concerning fluoride. CBWD operator takes up anti-fluoride fight Excerpt: “In addition to harming residents, fluoridation of water supplies could also be a deterrent to tourism.     “Hot Springs is known worldwide for its water, and Eureka […]

Eureka Springs City Council Passes Resolution Opposing State Mandate.

Eureka to Eureka Springs!  Carroll County News For complete news article click here. Excepts from article. The Eureka Springs City Council formally adopted Resolution 600 on Monday night that opposes the fluoridation of the city’s water supply. After being voted down twice by residents of the city, the law requiring fluoridation that was passed by […]

CBWD water operators speak out against non-compliance of a regulated chemical

Carroll-Boone Water District (CBWD) Water Operators Speak Out Against Non-compliance of a Regulated Chemical Who’s Regulating the Regulators? Written by Rene Fonseca, Carroll-Boone Water District In 2011, the Arkansas State Legislature very quickly passed a partially unfunded mandate that requires most water companies to add fluoride chemicals into public water supplies, not to purify the […]

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