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Arkansas Legislators and FBI Indictments

Corruption at the Arkansas Capitol continues with our lawmakers and special interest private corporations! Arkansans held captive at the hands of criminal activity! READERS – pay attention to your emails! How many of our lawmakers are on the payroll of pay-to-play private companies that depend on state funds, taxpayer money? The Arkansas Legislature is too […]

States Have NO Control Over DELEGATES in a Federal Convention!

States have NO control over the DELEGATES in a Federal Convention!  Supporting evidence is below. Senators, please don’t pull the trigger to apply for a convention just yet. You must think twice about ignoring the consequences, seriously! State Delegates to an Article V convention are performing a federal function; they are NOT under the authority of the […]

Proof that the Convention of States (COS) is working with the LEFT

A Convention could be triggered this year! We are alerting you before we get into this article that Congress may count the applications however that want – they may aggregate them to get the needed 34 total state legislatures for Congress to be able to call a Con-Con. So, it is mandatory that we stop ANY […]

Why Arkansas should NOT ask Congress to call an Article V Convention

Secure Arkansas’ position is to support state sovereignty, our liberties, our property rights, and our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Therefore, we believe that an application for an Article V convention will fundamentally destroy our existing Constitution and way of life. Supporting details are in this article. Legislators, Tea Parties, Republicans, […]

STOP Arkansas’ Deadly 2019 Con-Con Bill, SJR3

Heads up! The legislators are starting with dangerous resolutions already… and we’re barely into the new legislative session! They’ve drafted alarming legislation for an Article V Amendment (Con-Con) resolution, and it looks like on Thursday morning, January 24, 2019, this resolution calling for a constitutional convention will come up in the Senate State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee. […]

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