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HIGH ALERT: Beware of RegionSmart Development aka Eminent Domain

Beware of RegionSmart Development aka Eminent Domain Heads Up for Arkansas, Mississippi, & Tennessee! This Dangerous LAND GRAB known as “RegionSmart Development” Legislation Must be Killed! RegionSmart has ties to a huge asset management company called BlackRock, considered the world’s largest asset manager. NOTE: Arkansas has removed the malevolent BlackRock from their portfolio!!! A RegionSmart Compact is […]

RINO-Remover Reynolds vs. RINO Incumbent U.N. Appointee French Hill

How are you going to vote in the Primary? Haven’t we had enough of this U.S. Rep. French Hill? Check out this 30-second You-Tube video Also, a must-watch: Short video of French Hill and his friend Liz Cheney. Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney? We cannot believe he brought her in for his fundraiser! She is a RINO […]

Ark. Transparency in Govt. Group Meeting 3/16/2022 in Harrison

The Arkansas Transparency in Government Group (ArkTIGG) is coming to Harrison on Wednesday, March 16, 2022. This free event will be held at the Durand Center at Crocket Tower, 303 North Main St. in Harrison from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. You may also watch the live stream on their YouTube channel.  Here are the agenda and the Press Release. Secure Arkansas highly […]

The CoS (Convention of States) is Attempting to Dismantle Our U.S. Constitution…

Our founding fathers understood that we could not be free without an armed populace, and in the U.S. Constitution, it prohibits the federal and state governments from infringing on the natural right of the people to keep and bear arms. Shown below is another insightful article by Elaine Donnelly in The Federalist. Remember, once the Constitution is dismantled, […]

WHO Takes Control of All Global Healthcare! Part 1

How a coup d’etat will happen concerning Global Universal Healthcare under the World Health Organization (WHO)… Our public health and wellbeing are being targeted. Caution! Do NOT let your guard down because even though it may look like they are slacking off the COVID restrictions… it’s a lie. The New World Order is NOT going to […]