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States in Danger of Applying For a Con Con

A well-funded, highly coordinated effort is currently underway to call a federal constitutional convention (Con Con), under Article V of the U.S. Constitution. Why should you care? Well, the result of such a perilous convention will end up restructuring our Constitution and endangering the Bill of Rights! Do you really want that to happen, dear […]

Money Talks, and our Politicians Have Taken the Bait

Money Talks, and our Politicians have Taken the Corporate ALEC Bait Both Money and Control of State Legislatures is What it Takes to Buy a National Convention! Be sure to act on the ACTION ITEM at the end of this alert! Follow the money! This report has a lot of detailed information to read, so get ready! Please […]

Protect Arkansas Families – Oppose SJR8

Ask your legislator to oppose SJR 8 Ask your legislator to oppose special interests and their attempt to rig the system by giving politicians the power to put a price on human life while removing our right to a citizen jury trial not burdened by artificial government mandates – mandates that would be set by politicians […]

UPDATE: Traitorous Legislators in Arkansas!

LATEST UPDATE:  We were alerted by a representative that the voting record for the Arkansas House of Representatives was updated by the Capitol to read this way now (shown below) because votes were paired. There were 2 pairs on the desk for the SJR3 vote: McKenzie and Della Rosa were NO while Pilkington and Payton were […]

States That Stopped an Article V Convention in 2018

ATTENTION ALL STATES – States that Stopped an Article V Convention in 2018 Article V Convention Must Be Killed! Vote NO on SJR 3 Legislators, do your own homework on SJR3. Do NOT rely on anyone else. After you have done your own research, you should come to the same conclusion that voting for SJR 3 is […]

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