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ADH Engineer Insists It’s Legal To Add Lead To Drinking Water

by Becky Gillette posted on Eureka Springs Independent website Wednesday, July 01, 2015 When Eureka Springs alderman David Mitchell attended an Arkansas Dept. of Health (ADH) meeting in April to discuss the city’s concerns about the mandate to add fluoride to drinking water, he cited state law that fluoridation opponents insist prohibits adding lead to […]

Arkansas Senators Say the Voice of “We The people” Doesn’t Count

The Arkansas State Senate voted yesterday to mandate water fluoridation. While the Arkansas House and Senate perform their votes in a stunning rapidity that will affect the majority of residents in Arkansas, the public’s concerns have been excluded from the process.

HB1205, Arkansas Water Additive Accountability Act – Update

HB1205, which would require information about chemicals that are placed in drinking water bill, was debated before the House Public Health, Welfare, and Labor Committee of the Arkansas 88th Legislature. With 15 Democrats and 5 Republicans, the bill was voted down on party lines.