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Cryptocurrency Players in America That Could Be Tied to the Chinese Communist Party…

Facing a Frightening Future with Taxpayers Forsaken on All Fronts Looking at the Communist China Threat at Home As Marxist Red China — a permanent United Nations Security member —  is pushing for global dominance, here’s what’s happening locally. They are buying our U.S. farmland, and we are witnessing a tremendous amount of environmentally unfriendly digital […]

Fraud at the Arkansas Capitol Surrounding HB1654 and Crypto-Mining?

In case you missed our previous article, you can read here about how digital crypto mining centers are wreaking havoc around our beautiful country. Terrible noise pollution 24/7. Energy drains. Brown outs and black outs. Higher energy rates. We believe it is our godly duty to stand up and NOT let them get their evil claws into […]

UPDATE on the Meeting in Harrison TODAY 4/25/2023 1:00pm & Dangers of Cryptocurrency Data Mining with Chinese Communist Party

UPDATE! The Harrison, Arkansas, area may have dodged a bullet today (April 25, 2023) when the Harrison Planning Commission did not call for a vote on the environmentally-polluting cryptocurrency mining facility, a data center which would be a stressor for our U.S. and Arkansas power grid. Here was the agenda from today’s Planning Commission hearing. HUNDREDS of people turned out for […]

UPDATE: URGENT Action Alert: Exposing the Article V “Federal” Convention

UPDATE: Unfortunately, HB1748 (the Con Con bill) passed the House State Agencies Committee AND the full House this week, so it’s now in the Senate State Agencies committee. Here’s the history of the bill. Once again, this may be rushed through the committee and on to the Senate floor as we’re at the end of the legislative session, so please […]

ACTION ALERT: Exposing the Swamp! HB1610 in Senate Committee 4/4/23

Reminder: HB1610 is in the Senate State Agencies committee this morning 4/4/23 at 10:00am. Please reach out to the Senators and urge them to vote against it. See details in the alert below from 4/1/2022. ————————————– Why are Arkansas Republicans Putting FOIAs in Jeopardy? HB1610 says we cannot have open and public government in Arkansas, which is a dismissive slap […]

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