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Water Words-Important Board meeting ALERT

Water Words: Americans already over-fluoridated Wednesday, April 11, 2012 Lovely County Citizen by Becky Gillette It is interesting to look for unintended consequences with government mandates, like the one in Arkansas that requires fluoridation of our water supplies. With Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stating an estimated 41 percent of children ages […]

Water Fluoridation Costs Escalate

Fluoride Costs Escalate Wednesday, March 21, 2012 Becky Gillette The Carroll Boone Water District (CBWD) board will meet at 10 a.m. April 19 to consider proceeding with fluoridation of public drinking water despite not having sufficient grants to cover startup costs. The board will discuss whether to use district funds to implement fluoridation. State legislation […]

Feds Lower Fluoride Levels Due to Tooth Condition

New Questions About Safety Of Fluoride In Drinking Water — Fox News Video from America’s News HQ.

Legislators Call for Halt to State Promotion of Fluoridation

For Immediate Release / Feb. 7, 2011, NEWS RELEASE, Tenn. House Speaker, Other Legislators Call for Halt to State Promotion of Fluoridation, Bipartisan Group Sends Letter to Health Commissioner, Cites Risks for Citizens and Water Utilities.

Stop the Push for a Mandate for Water Fluoridation

Secure Arkansas has been made aware of a push for a mandate for water fluoridation. The mandate bill has not been filed, but it is coming soon. We must try and stop this action NOW.

We are asking everyone to first contact all members of the Senate and House Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committees, then contact your own senator and representative AND TELL THEM TO VOTE NO TO A WATER FLUORIDATION MANDATE.