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Deep State Lobbyists Pushing an Article V Convention — U.S. Constitution in Jeopardy

Judi Caler has written a short but very essential article entitled “Bluffing Their Way to an Art. V Convention, Part 1″ which you can read here.  We have also included it in its entirety below. Legislators, it’s especially critical that you read this right away, if you value our U.S. Constitution and the freedoms that so many […]

The CoS (Convention of States) is Attempting to Dismantle Our U.S. Constitution…

Our founding fathers understood that we could not be free without an armed populace, and in the U.S. Constitution, it prohibits the federal and state governments from infringing on the natural right of the people to keep and bear arms. Shown below is another insightful article by Elaine Donnelly in The Federalist. Remember, once the Constitution is dismantled, […]

Why Is The Right Betting The Constitution On An Article V Convention?

The short yet well-written article below is from The Federalist and is a five-star piece. Elaine Donnelly explains very succinctly why we should NOT promote an Article V Federal Convention. Be sure to read to the end for Secure Arkansas’ comments as well. Why Is The Right Betting The Constitution On An Article V Convention? By: Elaine […]

Convention of States (COS) Now Endorsing “Gun Control”

In the Newly Proposed Progressive Constitution, it states under the Second Amendment that The right of the people to keep and bear arms is subject to reasonable regulation by the United States and by the States. If anyone supports the Second Amendment, they cannot also support an Article V Convention. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution states: […]

Extreme High Alert for ALL States!

FOR ALL STATES Liars are Calling for a Constitutional Convention… again! Our U.S. Constitution is at risk Here we go again. You are being alerted because we are facing an extraordinary national crisis by politicians who want to call a Constitutional Convention. We are in BIG trouble if that happens! If a federal convention is […]

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