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UPDATE — ACTION ALERT: Daring Totalitarian Legislation by Republicans!

This is a quick update on SB250 and HB1419 (which is now Act 236). Regarding SB250: You may recall that unfortunately, it passed the Arkansas Senate and has been referred to the House Committee on State Agencies & Govt’l Affairs. It’s on the committee agenda as a Special Order of Business to be discussed upon adjournment on Monday, March 13, […]

UPDATE on SB250! We Need to Dump Computerized Voting Machines

Why are the Republican Legislators sabotaging paper ballot access? This bill has NOTHING to do with regulating paper ballots, as is being claimed. UPDATE! Arkansas has 35 State Senators, and shown below is the list of those Senators who voted against the will of the people & voted to pass SB250 & send it to the […]

Arkansas Senators Say the Voice of “We The people” Doesn’t Count

The Arkansas State Senate voted yesterday to mandate water fluoridation. While the Arkansas House and Senate perform their votes in a stunning rapidity that will affect the majority of residents in Arkansas, the public’s concerns have been excluded from the process.

HB1292 Illegal Alien Bill – The Home Stretch

HB 1292 “An Act to Set the Requirements to Receive State Benefits” is set to go before Committee this morning. We still need a few more yes votes to get this passed through to the House floor. If you would like to see the action live, please follow the link below to the live video feed.