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FEMA’s Emergency Alert 10/4/23 & China’s Plans for World Domination!

Things are heating up, and our elected officials, including RINO Republicans, are leading America straight to the breaking point. Many traitorous politicians are working to see our standard of living significantly lowered here in the United States. Within the deep state, you can find the communists and the global elites lurking around to bring about […]

UPDATE on the Meeting in Harrison TODAY 4/25/2023 1:00pm & Dangers of Cryptocurrency Data Mining with Chinese Communist Party

UPDATE! The Harrison, Arkansas, area may have dodged a bullet today (April 25, 2023) when the Harrison Planning Commission did not call for a vote on the environmentally-polluting cryptocurrency mining facility, a data center which would be a stressor for our U.S. and Arkansas power grid. Here was the agenda from today’s Planning Commission hearing. HUNDREDS of people turned out for […]