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Bond Issue Round Up

Many people have asked for resources to help them sort through the fog of conflicting information (more fog here) that state officials and spokesmen for “Move Arkansas Forward” have put out about the proposal to take on more debt. The vote for this debt proposal is November the 8th! Early voting starts Nov 1st. Secure Arkansas announced its opposition to the measure in early September.

Highway Debt Plan – Vote NO on Nov. 8 !

We have exciting news to report to our members. Since Secure Arkansas came out in opposition to the highway debt plan to be voted on November 8th, no less than eight other patriot groups around the state have joined us in opposition to this debt. These include some of the most active local groups in the state and include the following organizations…

Streamside Protection Ordinance

We need assistance in getting 5000 plus signatures by March 31 in order to get the Streamside Protection Ordinance on the ballot for the next Fayetteville election. We need hands on deck! Anyone who can help should contact Debbie Beckerdite via email or call her at 479-601-5577 to pick up a packet.

Fact or Fringe: You Decide

Recently, Secure Arkansas has been under siege from local Arkansas newspapers. I use the term “newspaper” loosely, as apparently real journalism no longer exists in the State. Perhaps instead of “newspaper,” they should be referred to as the “Arkansas leader in yellow-journalism,” since they seem to enjoy stating opinion as fact so much. This past week, the Arkansas Times proved they earned the above title when they published an article written by Gerard Mathews titled, “The political fringe finds a voice in Arkansas.” [1] If this is the best writer the Arkansas Times has on staff, then they have more important issues to deal with than the “political fringe.”