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Arkansas County Election Commissions Association (ACECA) Meeting Tonight in Jonesboro

Even if you do not live in Craighead County, you need to email or call today The Ark. County Election Commissions Association (ACECA) at 870-247-1177  with every possible concern you have as soon as you get this email.  If this county falls…so goes the rest!   Note: Scott McDaniel is also one of the five board members […]

Foraging for Wild Food (powerpoint presentation)

Click here to download the presentation Presentation By Jack Abrahamson

City Officials Need To Be Wary Of Foundation Bearing Gifts

Article Written By Iris Stevens   A recent column — “Rockefeller immigrant study flawed” (Bob Hester, June 29) — exposed the fallacies of a Rockefeller Foundation study that claimed that immigration (and by implication, even illegal immigration) led to great economic benefits for our state. An interview with the president and chief executive officer of the […]

Senate Committee Members 2013-2014

If you would like to download this document, click here

Resignation Statements from members of the Stone County Republican Committee

============================================== At our Republican Committee meeting on Tuesday, April 17, the Committee Chair, Bill Smith read an email to everyone that he had received from Benny Speaks. In essence, it stated that any Republican who signed any petition for an Independent candidate could be removed from the Republican Committee. Later in the week Bill and […]

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