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RINO Republicans Taking Aim at our Constitutional Process; Update on HB1419

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at 3 things the Arkansas RINO Republicans are doing which will violate our constitutional process: HB1419 SB260 A Constitutional Convention/ Article V Federal Convention 1. Update on HB1419 sponsored by Rep. Kendon Underwood from Cave Springs and Senator Jim Dotson from Bentonville — Sadly, it passed! Restricting The Ballot […]

Dangerous International Resolution Proposed at the Arkansas Capitol

HR 1012 is sponsored by Rep. Aaron Pilkington from Knoxville, Arkansas: TO ENCOURAGE THE UNITED STATES TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS. A little insight:  King Charles III is now the head of the Commonwealth. The international headquarters of the Commonwealth Secretariat and Commonwealth Foundation are located in Marlborough House on Pall Mall in London. The USA […]

Rebuttal to the Sponsors of HB1348

AN ACT TO PROTECT RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES GRANTED UNDER THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION AND THE ARKANSAS CONSTITUTION; AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. Some of the sponsors of HB1348 are recommending that Section 2 of the bill should be re-read and that the intent of the bill as written is to prohibit ” Sharia” type law from over riding […]