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Open Letter of Request to Arkansas Historical Preservation Program

Date: March 26, 2014 RE:   Opposition to the Proposed Mountain View Historic District Department of Arkansas Heritage Attn: Ralph S. Wilcox Attn: Melissa Whitfield Dear Mr. Wilcox and Ms. Whitfield, We’re writing to you in regards to the proposed Mountain View Historic District.  We have some serious concerns about some events surrounding this proposal.  Mr. Ralph Wilcox […]

Don’t Let Us Fall Into the U.N. Agenda 21 Tax Trap (ballot issue #2)

This is a permanent amendment to our Arkansas Constitution for sales tax anticipated revenue bonds, “star bonds.” Following is an excerpt from an article by the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture, entitled Giving Cities and Counties Additional Financing Powers:   This proposed constitutional amendment would provide counties and cities with three new powers. Those powers would […]

Vote NO on Arkansas Ballot Issues 1 and 2

Both Issues 1 and 2 are part of UN Agenda 21. Please read what you vote on.   Click here for the full text of Issue 1.   Click here for the full text of Issue 2.   Following is from a letter from Jim Qualls, Justice of the Peace, of Stone County:   Issue 1 was proposed as […]

Secure Arkansas Welcomes Charlene Sanders

Charlene Sanders, an activist since 1999 when her daughter brought home a ‘nosy questionnaire’ from her public school classroom, has a love for the truth no matter what it is or how difficult it may be to handle.

She is from the north Texas area and now lives in the gently rolling hills of Hot Springs, Arkansas, with her husband and two dogs. She has four grown children, two grandsons, and a lot on her plate.

She recently became interested in the ‘smart meter’ issue when her longtime friend, Crystal Harvey, sent her an email about it and asked her to look into it.

This was not a brand new issue for Charlene, but now it has come into sharp focus as the push for ‘smart meters’ here in Arkansas has come to the fore.

Beware: SJR1 by Senator Rapert will lead to a Con-Con

Have you ever wondered where the legislators are getting their bills? Who is ghost writing them? How the different states happen to be passing the same bills at the same time?

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